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About AKgirls.cz

Who are we?

AK GIRLS ltd. is lifestyle and party-oriented company based in Prague, Czech Republic. We operate as exclusive model agency that focused on capturing and presentation of beauty and attraction of woman’s body.

We manufacture our own brand of clothing and organize AK Fashion Week, where we present new collection for the next year. Each year we also shoot exclusive calendar in limited number of copies, which can not be bought and can be acquired only through auction. Earnings from calendar sales is given to charity cause.

Our company mainly focuses on these areas of business:

    1) Exclusive Model Agency
    2) Party & Event Planning
    3) Media Production
    4) Online Promotion & Marketing
    5) Merchandise Manufacturer

If you wish to cooperate with our company, you can find more information here: www.AKgirls.cz/partners.